Name Position Contact
Sean Balfour President president@stonyplainminorball.com
Jason Smith Past President pastpresident@stonyplainminorball.com
Alissa Oakes Vice President vicepresident@stonyplainminorball.com
Tanya Zemlak Treasurer treasurer@stonyplainminorball.com
Jaci Crook Secretary secretary@stonyplainminorball.com
Tracy Dunn Registrar registrar@stonyplainminorball.com
Kirstin Detert Procurement Director procurement@stonyplainminorball.com
Darren Badry Facilities Director facilities@stonyplainminorball.com
Marina Zwarich Marketing & Sponsorship Director markspon@stonyplainminorball.com
Travis McNaughton Junior House Director juniorhouse@stonyplainminorball.com
John Butler Senior House Director seniorhouse@stonyplainminorball.com
Tracy Dunn Junior Rep Director juniorrep@stonyplainminorball.com
Terry Detert Senior Rep Director seniorrep@stonyplainminorball.com
Shauna Adams Webmaster admin@stonyplainminorball.com
Darren Badry Diamond Scheduler diamond@stonyplainminorball.com
Darren Badry Batting Cage Coordinator battingcage@stonyplainminorball.com
Scott Hagel Umpire Coordinator umpire@stonyplainminorball.com


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